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7 Easy Ways to Protect Your Dog's Paws While Hiking

Exploring the trails with your dog is a great way to bond and experience nature. They get a much-needed workout from that bit of exploration that stimulates their brain and gets their muscles moving. Have you ever been on an extended hike through rough terrain? My clothes are usually soaked in sweat and covered in dirt by the end of the day. I am sore, tired, and in desperate need of a shower. On the other hand, Ollie and Benny appear to be able to go on forever. 3 and 5-year-old dogs are ener

#1 Mobile IV Therapy in Colorado | Denver and surrounding areas

When you put your trust in Mobile IV Colorado, you're in good hands. Our Registered Nurses and Paramedics are all state certified and have years of experience in emergency room nursing, critical care, and triaging. Let our reviews speak for itself! Check out our Google Page reviews, where we are rated 5-stars across the board. It's time to learn about the power of concierge medicine! We come to you whenever, wherever! We bring our expertise right at your doorstep. This service is a lot like go - Get More Stuff Done

You have probably heard about the that contributed to The Great Resignation. As more people depart from corporate jobs, all kinds of small businesses have been created. Content creation has been hot since the internet was born, and as such, companies are looking for on their websites and across social media. If you’re a naturally talented writer, you write for the love of it. Although most people who love to write end up writing fiction and fantasy, some of us nerds love to write nonfiction i - Get More Stuff Done

Hiring a social media manager can be extremely helpful in allowing you to focus on your business while they build and handle your social media presence. Many of us business owners are great at what we do, but when it comes to social media, doing it in-house can fall flat. Brands are scrambling to find innovative ways to reach customers, which puts social media experts at a premium. Organizations can leverage the skills of a social media manager right from the start. You need to hire the right p

7 Ways You Can Show Your Support for Local Strathroy Restaurants During COVID-19

As a result of COVID-19, restaurants are facing greater hardships than ever before. As Ontario is into its 5th lockdown, many restaurant staff and owners are suffering financial hardships as they lose money and lose hope. Consumer demand has declined, in-dining experiences are unavailable, a work-from-home workforce has reduced lunch hour crowds, and people are eating dinner at home more often. These factors are affecting the bottom line, and it hurts! Fortunately, there are still ways that yo

Legiit Might Be The Hot Freelancer Platform for 2022!

I’ve created a copywriting profile on Legiit, and because this platform was started by a fellow freelancer, I want to see it gain traction! A lot of us are thinking it might be the new hot platform in 2022 as people continue to leave corporate jobs for entrepreneurship. If you or anyone you know needs fresh website content or killer copywriting/blogging work done, use code LINKEDIN for 25% off your first order now through December 28. If you require blogging or conten

OMG Marketing | California SEO & Digital Marketing Agency

OMG Marketing is your one-stop website for all your Digital Marketing needs. We offer excellent Digital Marketing services to businesses in California and all over the United States. We provide digital marketing services to businesses across all industries that are creative, impactful, and result-oriented. By partnering with us, we can help you achieve the goals of your business, brand, or organization. We're excited to help your business gain an unfair advantage through the latest marketing str

The Strongest Snowflake - Kindle edition by Bodkin, Karen. Children Kindle eBooks @

Stevie is a happy snowflake, and then she meets a grumpy old cat that tells her she isn't strong or tall enough to help him! Stevie becomes very sad until she realizes that just because that old cat said so, doesn't make it true. Stevie finds her strength and creatively helps the grumpy old cat. A great little story teaching kids that it doesn't matter what others think. Even if someone is mean, you can still be kind to them. Ages 2-10

New Mexico Labor Employment Laws

New Mexico Labor & Employment Laws The New Mexico labor laws provide higher employee protections than federal law, such as requiring smaller employers to carry health insurance, but follow federal law when it comes to topics such as work safety and overtime pay. Listed below are certain employment requirements in the state in order to assist employers and employees in understanding the range of employment laws affecting employer-employee relationships. In addition to complying with federal laws, employers must also comply with state working laws.
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